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Welcome to Scottish Ancestry

Welcome to Scottish AncestryWe hope you enjoy your visit to Scottish Ancestry, and it gives you some useful tips and some inspiration to trace your Scottish ancestors back through the mists of time. Here we share the experiences that we had when researching our own Scottish roots back to the mid 1700's, pointing out some of the pitfalls that Scottish genealogy has to offer, and the path to success!

We have included some great pages telling the stories of Historic Scotland, of the heroes, villains and ghosts that haunt this fine realm. Within these pages you can learn how Scotland came to be the patriotic and strong nation that it still remains to this day. There are also some great photographs and pictures that bring the Scottish experience to life.

We also encourage feedback about our site, so just click on the Contact Us link and you can email us your thoughts. If there is something you want us to clarify than we will try, and of course if there are any ideas you have for things you would like us to add please feel free. We are always open to ideas here at Scottish Ancestry.

We especially want some ideas for more Scottish History, Villains and Ghosts - do you know of any little-known stories that may have been handed down throughout history? If you do, let us know and we'll research them, then put them on our site!

So come back in time with us, and discover your Scottish Heritage today. It is a path that may be long but the journey is very rewarding!

Enjoy your stay at Scottish Ancestry.

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