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Welcome to Scottish Ancestry: Haunted Scotland

Scotland is widely thought to be one of the most haunted countries in the World, and home to more ghosts, ghouls, banshees and long-leggety beasties than anywhere else. Much of the folklore surrounding the ghosts of Scotland have appeared in literature stretching back centuries, and have their roots in the mists of time...

The history of Scotland has oft been bloody and violent, with clan wars and centuries of fighting with the English. It wasn't until 1603 when James VI of Scotland also took the English crown to become James I of England that the two nations shared the same monarch. This brought  a short lull in the conflict between the two, but the English Civil War of 1639 to 1645 found the Scots once again taking up arms against the English.

We aim to tell you about some the tales from long ago of Scottish ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity. The legends of monsters, the un-dead and creatures of the night, from brutal murders and injustice to crimes of passion and unrequited love.  

The tales we currently have on the site are:

The Hauntings of Glamis Castle

The Sauchie Poltergeist

The Ghosts of Rosslyn Chapel

We will be adding more tales soon and welcome any submissions and ideas from any visitor to the site. The scarier the tale the better!

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