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The Mysterious Haunting of Rosslyn Chapel

The Rosslyn Chapel outside of Edinburgh is now more famously known for a connection with Dan Brown’s book the “Da Vinci Code”. Yet there is a tale from the 1400’s that lives on within the chapel and a carved pillar known as the Prentice Pillar.

It is reputed that a master mason was commissioned to sculpt the pillar in the same style as one in Rome. To do this he decided to take a trip to Rome to make sketches of the original rather than work from the sketch provided.

Whilst he was away an apprentice (prentice) mason decided he would try to sculpt the pillar himself from the drawings given. This he did and it turned out to be a marvellous piece of sculpture indeed.

When the master mason returned he was angered by the impudence of the young man and killed him on the spot. An Act of Reconciliation was needed from the Archbishop of St Andrews before the chapel could be consecrated.

Over the years many people have reported seeing a sad figure standing weeping by the column.



What Makes A Spirit Return?

It is believed that a person who meets a sudden and violent death becomes attached to the place where it happened. This could be because the energies released are so intense as to enable the spirit to reappear there, or perhaps the spirit seeks to be avenged?

One other possibility is that a sudden death may result in the spirit not actually knowing they have passed over, and therefore they return in death to the place they were in life.

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