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The Sauchie Poltergeist - terror in 1960's Clackmannanshire

This is a fairly recent case of poltergeist activity in a small village called Sauchie in Clackmannanshire in the early 1960’s.


It revolves around an 11 year old girl who came over to Scotland from Ireland with her family. Strange occurrences began in her presence including knocking noises and objects moving which led to her doctor being called. When strange things continued even after medication, the child was sent to a relative’s house. Unfortunately for her and her family the supernatural activity followed her, indicating that a poltergeist had attached itself to the small girl.

It also followed her to school, though with less intensity. The teachers and pupils witnessed the sounds and the objects moving and at one stage the girl’s desk rose from the floor with her behind it.

The newspapers became aware of the strange happenings and unsurprisingly they were reported in an exaggerated way.

Within a few months of the beginning of the poltergeist activity things gradually slowed and finally stopped.

What is a poltergeist?

Poltergeist comes from the German words Poltern (to make noises) and Geist (ghost). Poltergeist activity invariably happens when adolescent children are around.

This is explained by the ghost needing a high amount of energy to be able to move things, and the energy released by children going through hormonal changes provides the perfect source.

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