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Welcome to our Scottish History Page...

Here we bring you a range of articles from Scottish History across the ages. We will be building on our library each week so make sure you return to see what's new.

Scotland has a long and fascinating history, littered with battles, great kings, rebellions, conflict with the English, religious struggle and reformation... But there is also a social side to Scottish History. Many great inventions have come from the minds and works of the Scots. Scotland lived through the industrial revolution along with England and the rest of the world, and fought heroically through two global wars to keep Britain free. The place of Scotland in the history of Britain is well assured, and hard fought. And now in modern times, the process of Scottish political independence gathers pace and perhaps one day, a return to total independence?

Enjoy your trip through our Scottish History pages, and feel free to email us with suggestions for new topics as we go along.

A Timeline of Scottish History

Bonnie Prince Charlie







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