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Scottish Villains: The dark figures of Scotland's past brought to life

All countries have their ghosts, legends and villains and Scotland is no different. Throughout the centuries Scotland has been the home of many grisly and gruesome murders and crimes: crimes of passion and of piracy, of mutilation and body snatching.

Here we take a look at some of the most famous Scottish villains and of past and present, some of them fictitious but mostly flesh and blood. Their crimes will make your skin crawl and leave you looking under the bed before you go to sleep at night!

We are building up our list of grisly tales and are more than happy for you to suggest new villains (Gordon Brown and Tony Blair excluded, thanks!) so we can include them in our collection. Be they villains of the big screen or literature, of modern times or Jacobean times, we want to share their gruesome stories and endings with our visitors.

So take a look at the current tales below, and enjoy your trip through the grisly annals of time!


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